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In 2006, approximately 14,600 acres of land was purchased near Kettleman City. 175-acres are reserved for the compost facility, while the majority of the land was then leased to a farmer to use the Class A Exceptional Quality Compost for growing crops, enhancing pasture production for livestock, and reclaiming depleted soil. The Kings County Board of Supervisors certified the Environmental Impact Report and authorized a conditional use permit for TLC in 2004. The maximum permitted operational capacity for TLC is 500,000 wet tons per year (wtpy) of biosolids and 400,000 wtpy of agricultural and green waste. TLC is committed to converting waste into renewable products, while conserving natural resources .

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Open Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM – 1:30 PM

34318 23rd Ave, Kettleman City, CA 93239
Phone: (559) 840-4368
Email: richard.kish@tularelakecompost.org

34318 23rd Ave, Kettleman City, CA 93239
(559) 840-4368   fax: (559) 374-2929